Mission Statement







"Ecco's mission is to offer high-quality performing arts lessons at an affordable price for all. We aim to encourage children in the art form they chose to do, helping pupils with their self-confidence and self-esteem."




1. To provide a high standard of performing arts education.

2. To offer a safe and fun environment in which children can express themselves.

3. To be a welcoming to all children and their families.

4.To support children with their ambitions in performance, providing opportunities to perform and be entered for examinations and competitions.

5. To treat every child equally and as an individual, helping their personalities flourish.

6. To develop the communication skills of students by teaching respect and encouragement should be given to all.

7.To provide a balance of enjoyment and discipline in lessons.

8. To be vigilant of bullying and keep a strong anti-bullying policy.




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