Ecco Comp Crew




Ecco has been doing ADFP freestyle competitions for many years now and has trained many freestyle, slow, street and rock n roll dance champions. At least one Sunday a month we travel to a competition in the Yorkshire area where the children compete in fast solo, slow solo, pairs, team, rock n roll and street dance.


All our competitive dancers started out in our freestyle dance classes before being invited to join our competition team at which point they began competition training alongside their other classes. To join one of our beginner freestyle classes please see our timetable. 


Being a member of our comp crew requires a high level of commitment and hard work but put the time and work in and it can be highly rewarding. Competing can build confidence, determination and teach students good sportsmanship and how to be team members. Competitions aren't all about winning. They're about having fun and making memories with friends. 


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